Clare Webster

Publications in cryosphere research affiliated to University of Edinburgh:

Webster, C., G. Mazzotti, R. Essery & T. Jonas (2020, November) Enhancing airborne LiDAR data for improved forest-structure representation in shortwave-transmission models. Remote Sensing of Environment, 249, 112017.

Pestana, S., C. C. Chickadel, A. Harpold, T. S. Kostadinov, H. Pai, S. Tyler, C. Webster & J. D. Lundquist (2019, December) Bias correction of airborne thermal infrared observations over forests using melting snow. Water Resources Research, 55 (12), 11331-11343.

Webster, C. & T. Jonas (2018, September 01) Influence of canopy shading and snow coverage on effective albedo in a snow-dominated evergreen needleleaf forest. Remote Sensing of Environment, 214, 48-58.