Hermione A. P. Cockburn

PhD Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 1998: Landscape evolution in Namibia and Antarctica: Quantifying denudation rates using in-situ cosmogenic isotope analysis. University of Edinburgh.

Publications in cryosphere research affiliated to University of Edinburgh:

Summerfield, M. A., F. M. Stuart, H. A. P. Cockburn, D. E. Sugden, G. H. Denton, T. Dunai & D. R. Marchant (1999, February) Long-term rates of denudation in the Dry Valleys, Transantarctic Mountains, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica based on in-situ-produced cosmogenic 21Ne. Geomorphology, 27 (1-2), 113-129. https://doi.org/10.1016/s0169-555x(98)00093-2.

Summerfield, M. A., D. E. Sugden, G. H. Denton, D. R. Marchant, H. A. P. Cockburn & F. M. Stuart (1999) Cosmogenic isotope data support previous evidence of extremely low rates of denudation in the Dry Valleys region, southern Victoria Land, Antarctica. Geological Society Special Publications, 162, 255-267. https://doi.org/10.1144/GSL.SP.1999.162.01.20.