Tom Bradwell

PhD Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2001: Glacier fluctuations, lichenometry and climatic change in Iceland. University of Edinburgh.

Publications in cryosphere research affiliated to University of Edinburgh:

Bradwell, T., A. J. Dugmore & D. E. Sugden (2006, February) The Little Ice Age glacier maximum in Iceland and the North Atlantic Oscillation: Evidence from Lambatungnajökull, southeast Iceland. Boreas, 35 (1), 61-80.

Bradwell, T. (2004, December) Annual moraines and summer temperatures at Lambatungnajökull, Iceland. Arctic, Antarctic and Alpine Research, 36 (4), 502-508.[0502:Amasta]2.0.Co;2.

Bradwell, T. (2004, March) Lichenometric dating in southeast Iceland: The size-frequency approach. Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography, 86 (1), 31-41.

Everest, J. & T. Bradwell (2003, June 16) Buried glacier ice in southern Iceland and its wider significance. Geomorphology, 52 (3-4), 347-358.

Bradwell, T. (2001, September) A new lichenometric dating curve for southeast Iceland. Geografiska Annaler: Series A, Physical Geography, 83 (3), 91-101.