Steven A. Binnie

PhD Thesis, University of Edinburgh, 2005: Deriving basin-wide denudation rates from cosmogenic radionuclides, San Bernardino Mountains, California. University of Edinburgh.

Publications in cryosphere research affiliated to University of Edinburgh:

Dunai, T. J., S. A. Binnie, A. S. Hein & S. M. Paling (2014, August) The effects of a hydrogen-rich ground cover on cosmogenic thermal neutrons: Implications for exposure dating. Quaternary Geochronology, 22, 183-191.

Houmark-Nielsen, M., H. Linge, D. Fabel, C. Schnabel, S. Xu, K. M. Wilcken & S. Binnie (2012, December) Cosmogenic surface-exposure dating the last deglaciation in Denmark: Discrepancies with independent age constraints suggest delayed periglacial landform stabilisation. Quaternary Geochronology, 13, 1-17.

Johnson, J. S., M. J. Bentley, S. J. Roberts, S. A. Binnie & S. P. H. T. Freeman (2011, December) Holocene deglacial history of the northeast Antarctic Peninsula – A review and new chronological constraints. Quaternary Science Reviews, 30 (27-28), 3791-3802.

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Golledge, N. R., D. Fabel, J. D. Everest, S. Freeman & S. Binnie (2007, December) First cosmogenic 10Be age constraint on the timing of Younger Dryas glaciation and ice-cap thickness, western Scottish Highlands. Journal of Quaternary Science, 22 (8), 785-791.

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