Professor Rob Bingham

My research is primarily concerned with the behaviour of the world’s ice sheets and glaciers, addressing what is causing most of the Earth’s ice to retreat and how quickly it will contribute to global sea-level rise.

My predominant focus is on Antarctica, but I conduct research across multiple regions of the world with collaborators and research supervisions taking me to the Arctic, high-mountain regions, and deglaciated regions such as Patagonia and the Scottish Highlands! Similarly, while I have a primary methodological focus on geophysical techniques, and especially ice-penetrating radar, my projects always deploy a broad array of methods, including the acquisition of multiple field measurements, satellite remote sensing and glaciological theory.

Current group members
  • Rosie Bisset
  • Rachel Oien
  • Julien Bodart
  • Tancrède Leger
  • Helen Ockenden
  • Nick Homer
Past group members
  • Richard Delf
  • Frazer Christie
  • Damon Davies
  • Kyrah Mackenzie
  • Dave Ashmore
  • Nanna Karlson
  • Oliver Marsh